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Posted August 07, 2015 by Misha Mayfair
It’s so hot here in Munich right now, much more then I’m used to as a native to the English north. I’ve been adapting to the weather with some friendly nudges, my first big advancement in breaking down the walls I had up about enjoying the heat was my previous trip to the nudist beach, that was great! However, my much more adventurous and outgoing female fuck buddy wanted to take it further.

I’ve mentioned before about how I’ve had some experience with sex in public but this was much different, this was sex in public with a girl, which was actually a lot more thrilling and difficult to get away with when you consider how much more attention female samesex couples attract when giving PDAs! So we went down to a wooded area near the nudist beach as people tend to mind their own business much more in those areas, she lead me to a nice shaded spot and eased me into the whole experience, she kissed me, stroked my hair and giggled with me, it was simple stuff but it really made me forget we were outside or in public at all. Then she undressed me, that’s ok, people were all undressed in this area anyway, so I let myself feel at ease with that and I returned the favour but OMG seeing her tits and excitedly feeling them, knowing what we were about to do really got me going. He nipples where hard and I couldn’t help myself but to play with them, she was grinning the whole time, I really get off on her excitement. She stopped me undressing her further, which I must admit let me down a little, I love her ass and I really wanted to see how wet this was getting her too. I wasn’t disappointed for long! She moved in closer and placed a few kisses on my neck and she began to run her fingers over my clit then slid 2 into me, it felt amazzinggg, I knew people could technically see if they wandered into this part of the woods but it felt too good for me to care. Then, after spending a good amount of time playing with my pussy and nips she moved to her knees and began licking my pussy, needless to say I had one of the best and quietest (LOL I didn’t want to get caught) orgasms of my life that day.

I hope you’re getting up to some summer fun too!

Love and peace,

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