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Posted July 16, 2015 by Misha Mayfair
I’ve toyed with the idea of being naked in public for a few years now, I’m not shy but it’s always seemed like a ’big thing’. It, however, isn’t a big deal in Germany. In fact, everyone seems perfectly happy to get naked, sunbathe and swim around these parts. I always envied peoples freedom to do that, to actually feel the sun on parts of their bodies that, in England, rarely see the light of day looked like some ultimate freedom to me.

To backtrack somewhat, the fact that I haven’t actually been naked in public before is odd, odd in that I’ve had sex outside a few times and really enjoyed it. I’ve fucked on heaths in London at night, which whilst not so risky was a big thrill. My biggest thrill seeking adventure thus far was giving a blow job on the back of a long distance coach, not sure if I’ll repeat that one, but wow! It felt amazing! (I’ll go into more detail about that soon)

So, the fact that I was feeling trepidation about finally freeing my body to the lovely summer sun seems very hypocritical. I got there, though! If only for 20 or so minutes, I got my nice little naked venture and I loved it. It felt naughty, and exciting in all the right ways. I’ll be expanding on these adventures soon for you all to see. Until then, enjoy some naughty selfies I put up on my site for you.

Love and peace.

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