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Posted December 17, 2013 by Lilly Rose
Hello! I’m so happy to see that a few of you have become members of my website here!
I know it’s been while since my last update, I’ve been quite busy with my life off the computer as well as my online life. I’ve been performing webcam shows daily over at Chaturbate, which is always a fun time. I suggest stopping by and catching a show sometime, it’s free to sign up and watch, and I’m sure I’ll have you signing up for tokens in no time ;)
I’ve been working hard on bringing out new exclusive content to you guys, it really bugs me when I see content advertised as exclusive, yet is available all over the place! I’d also LOVE to hear what you would like to see, so feel free to send me a message with some suggestions and I’ll add them to my list of shoots.

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