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Posted March 21, 2013 by Libbets
Yay, my site has launched! :)
Two sexy photo sets are already live, and there’s a naughty video coming soon ^^) I also shot another set last week and plan to make more this week, so there will be fresh content on my site several times a month.

Now for the actual blogging (^^): This neverending winter here is driving me crazy. By now I should be used to the fact that "March" doesn’t mean "Spring", but it’s just so frustrating. It won’t stop snowing, arrrgh.
On the upside, all this snow reflecting the light outside means that there’s always plenty of natural light to shoot content in, haha. And Easter is coming, which is one of my favourite holidays :) My family always makes a large Easter breakfast with fresh selfmade bread, ham (which I don’t eat since I’m a vegetarian, but still), eggs, cream cheese, salmon, ...okay I’ll stop here, I’m getting hungry ^^
Another thing that I’m excited about is getting pet rats :)) I already chose three adorable little rats from a local hobby breeder, now I just have to wait until I can get them. Cage is already up and furnished and everything, I can’t wait :)

Now some pictures to make up for my mindless rambling about the weather, food, and pets ;)

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