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Posted February 16, 2013 by Libbets
We’re reallyreallyreally close to the launch of LibbetsXO.com, I’m so happy ^^)
The timing is excellent, I’ve been pulling some strings in the background for quite a while and now it’s all finally coming together.

I started live camming again last week and it’s been so much fun! I didn’t even realise how much I missed it. I somehow took a six month break from camming and focused on making content, but this eventually got boring, so now I’m doing both ^^
You can find me on MyFreeCams under the name Libbets :)

You can also follow me on Twitter (@LibbetsXO) and tumblr (http://libbets.net, be prepared to find a lot of Harry Potter / Doctor Who related fangirling there), and of course I’ll keep you up to date with my shenanigans via Daily DNA ;)

Speaking of shenanigans, take a look at this post’s photos to see what I’ve been up to since my last Daily DNA :P

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