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Posted July 06, 2015 by Kat Von Sexie
I love holiday weekends! I love to take time and be social, my home town means sooooo much to me- 4th of July is the perfect holiday to reach out to every one around me and have fun- letting go in this busy busy world is so healthy. I enjoyed the whole weekend- running around in my bathing suit getting a summer tan...going to barbecues with friends, playing summer games in parks and blasting music showing the world that its time to enjoy the party. I loved spending time on lakes and paddle boarding with a few drinks and great company.
On the 4th everything is so lively, people have smiles plastered across their faces for a full 3 days..
I surely hope all of you had as much fun as I did, and I know its that time... work is starting again...but I sure know I’m grateful for the time that was had this past weekend, I love to carry the memories from 4th of July and Im so grateful for my freedom in my life.
Love you all!! P.S. I have some new pics coming soon so keep an eye out!

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