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Posted January 23, 2013 by Kat Von Sexie
Im back on my free cams guys!!!! Full time!
Good-ness...when I was young no one ever told me life was going to be this complicated. Things happen left and right and its so hard to keep up with everything. I found my self throwing to much concern in other people’s directions. I can’t do that anymore, I need to find a balance. I have been neglecting my things. So I snapped a little and rejoined my free cams, when I was on that site I worked even more hard on my website and my profiles, giving time to my fans that want to talk to me more......I have also been looking into getting an insulin pump that will help me keep things regulated with my diabetes, I’m un-sure how educated you all are on diabetes but when its out of control....everything is out of control. :/ Things have been off the rails to much here lately. I want to gain some seance of control. :) When are we going to find a cure for this stuff. I makes me want to join a college just to push and push for some sort of answer for such a hard thing to live with. I really want to donate my time to researchers....i rather just do it just to do it, I don’t even want anything out of it but an answer for this problem that i’m sure is only around for the money that heath companies gain from it. So i’m signing up for this new miss 2013 contest thing..and I hope it goes well. I’m crossing my finger’s. I(If you don’t maintain things..you lose things) I must remember such a quote..... :) I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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