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Posted December 17, 2012 by Kat Von Sexie
So, I’ve planned on doing something new on my daily blog.
I’m going to use a topic to talk about and I want your input, Contact me and ask questions. If things appear as if it would be a good conversation on my blog, then I can mention you in my post, only if I have your consent.
Every day is going to have a different topic, Of course these topics are going to relate to sex or have sex within the context of the whole blog post. At times, I may throw a conversation off topic because I feel the need to.

Sometimes these posts will be members only because I feel that the members should have something’s JUST for them. Otherwise most of the blogs that I post will be for everyone to enjoy and read.
My main idea for these blogs are that you can enjoy them every morning or evening as some interesting reading material, some of these blog’s may at times be long or they may be short. It all depends on the context. (I just learned that "context" is the flesh on a mushroom.)

I plan to have health tips, a little sex advice on my blogs. These blog posts are going to be sectioned off like a new paper would be.
I think this new system will work out wonderfully. I hope you all take time to wright back and become apart of the blogs themselves.
Tonight I plan on doing some research; I want to be prepared for my blog tomorrow in a timely fashion.
Well I’m off to bed; I’m really excited about my first new blog post tomorrow morning. I hope you all have a wonderful night, Make sure to find me on face book.
XoXo, Kat

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