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Posted October 18, 2012 by Kat Von Sexie
So the past couples days have felt just like Christmas, I’ve gotten so many things in the mail. But with what is good, there is bad..
With all these gifts that I had no idea where even coming, there were others that I did think where coming. Some one came to me and told me that they were getting all these things. Well, as time went by those things did not come in the mail. I was scammed. In return I gave this guy some private shows in my webcam show. Some times I do this for people who don’t want to pay for tokens. Its sad that when I put trust in these guy’s hands, its thrown back in my face. And at one point...I sat there and thought "I’m going to get scammed" instead of trusting my natural instinctive thoughts...I went through with it and fell for it once more. I keep thinking that something is going to change..and this is a problem that I’ve had for some time now. This guy..said he spent almost 1,000$ and at first i didn’t believe him. So I told him to send me the email that amazon sent you. It must be forwarded so I see it just as you saw it. So he did...even with all of his personal info included. Now with that..I sat there and started to think that he was telling the truth not only that but he continued to email me a couple days after that even at times coming in my chat room. Oh this guys is good..really good. He fooled me so bad and Its sick. People like that are really messed up in some way and they need to get some help. When you cross that point you are no longer human. You are fucked up. So thank you to the people who gave me stuff with out even telling me. Thank you for being such an amazing person. Karma will pass you when making its rounds...and those who need it will get it. :)

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