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Posted October 15, 2012 by Kat Von Sexie
So, I’ve been through some crazy stuff lately and finally I have the ability to just sit back and relax. But there is no relaxation in life, is there? here I sit...finally catching up with you all. I am truly sorry for being out of the loop for a long time. With an new life and a new set of people in my life things have hit a much better peak.
I can’t stress enough how happy I am to be at ease. So many people live life running all over the place trying to find some sort of comfort in something. I was tired of that, fighting and fighting for this un-real happiness that everyone searches for. Once I stopped fighting and searching and running from one end of the world to another, I then found my happiness. It was acceptance that nothing is perfect and nor will it ever be. I was a hot mess, and once I hit rock bottom I then had another chance at life. I am kittin von kat (sexie von kat for some of you) I am me, and this is how it works. Nothing will ever change, people..don’t change they just stay the same and sooner or later fall down life’s overly tall mountain. When you come to grips with life, you come to grips with your self. I’ve learned how to sit down and accept my faults and my own ways...the little things I don’t like..ehh who cares? Its all just things, feelings and fake emotions that people over dramatize. Life is not that hard, its simple and easy. Take this world we have made and grab it the its face and control it, control your self. Center your self and know who you are. I’m not saying everything I have done was great...or something that is acceptable. In fact this website its self...its not acceptable for some people...But for me it is. This is how I live my life and I have for some times now. I do not feel bad for what i do or how I do it. I AM NAKED and I love the fact that i show you all my vagina. ITS ME, of which others...don’t understand. What is "me", to some its what everyone else wants to be or to others its what’s on the front page of the new hip cosmo magazine. Some of you have notice that I don’t post much on face book or twitter or fucking tumblr, because what’s the use? Why should I FOLLOW other people or why should they even follow me..in fact I follow is a harsh word to use. Twitter should use a different word.
I don’t need to spend my whole day telling the whole world every second of my life, people tend to be interested in some of it but not every minute of every day. I figured people wouldn’t want that, its annoying and it floods my emails and makes my phone drop dead from non stop text message seizures. I mean, now what I have been doing..the whole (nothing) being posted, I know that’s wrong too. But here I am for all of you to see the inside of my thoughts...my brain picked apart like a little frog skeleton in science class.

I do this to make others happy, because I love to see a warm smile on a guys face after he cums more then Niagara falls. I guess if you think I’m wrong for that then..I guess you’ll never be happy. I don’t need to do this..I can do other things but this is what I have chosen in my life. Go out and make your self happy...Be happy and know the feeling inside and out.
I hope you all enjoyed my rant as much as I did. ;D now go jerk off. Haha.

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