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Posted April 13, 2012 by Kat Von Sexie
So I’ve come to realize that I have not been open enough with you all. Not only do you -not- know a thing about me but I hardly blog at all. I haven’t really been on top of things lately.
Now that I have been thinking a hell of a lot more clear and I have been putting my time to good use, I have started to find my self. Honestly I’m happy that its taking me this long to start really blogging. Me as this new person..is a lot more enjoyable and a lot more put together and not to mention a lot more open. Seeing my self in the eyes of everyone else has been life changing to think about how I look to others has changed my life for ever..But why should it even do that? I thought about this for awhile...trying to figure out why people change all the time, how self absorbed. I’ve been trying to let go of all my materialistic habits, since I have done this it seems as if I’ve gained bliss. I guess if we relaxed more then things would seem a bit more pleasant.
Like when I just blow dry my hair and leave it...it seems to work out more then if I try to make it look good. If you just let things happen then they do, if you try and try at it then you stress about it freaking out and then it doesn’t work out. By relaxing and letting the world work in your favor you end up living more and being able to watch your self live.

A few personal things, I’m type 1 Diabetic. I love the color green and I want to learn everything about Botany. and.....im all ORGANIC ;D haha

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